Congratulations on your pregnancy! 

Welcome to MyBirth HypnoBirthing™ (Marie Mongan Method) offering private and group HypnoBirthing classes in Manchester and the North West.

MyBirth HypnoBirthing offers expecting mums and their birth companions HypnoBirthing classes, to help them achieve a calm and comfortable birth experience.

Your pregnancy should be a special time, where you can look forward to and be excited about the day you will birth and finally meet your precious baby. This birthing day is a day you will remember always and the type of experience you have can effect you in the future.

Throughout a women’s life we are conditioned into being apprehensive about birth. Be it through stories passed on from our own mothers and family members, friends sharing their “horror” stories or even the constant portrayal of birth in the media as a negative and dramatic act.

For so many women their pregnancy can be a time filled with anxieties and fears, usually around giving birth.  Approaching their labour with a feeling of dread.

For others a previous negative birthing experience still haunts them and they want to learn ways in which they can change their next experience.

Some women choose HypnoBirthing simply because they want to learn sel- hypnosis and other deep relaxation techniques to reduce discomfort during labour.

HypnoBirthing is a unique programme which enables women to release all these fears and anxieties and learn specific ways and techniques to work with their birthing body. Freeing all tensions from the birthing muscles allowing them to  work in harmony with each other moving in a smooth and more comfortable way. Allowing HypnoBirthing mums to move through labour and birth with little and sometimes no discomfort.

HypnoBirthing is a rewarding, relaxing, stress free method of birthing.

When mum is properly prepared for birthing physically, mentally and spiritually, she can experience that joy, birthing her baby calmly and comfortably.

Through a well-thought out programme of deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, special breathing techniques, visualisation, affirmations and education.

HypnoBirthing returns to a woman the art of birthing in a way that allows her to summon her natural birthing instincts and to birth her baby in safety and ease.

HypnoBirthing is for everyone. No matter what turns your pregnancy may take or indeed your labour, HypnoBirthing allows mums to remain calm and make informed choices that are right for them.

HypnoBirthing techniques dont just help mums through beautiful pool births but these tools can be used in all cases including mums who have a c-section. Keeping mums calm and feeling in control.


"drifted to a whole different planet, still cant believe i did it!"

“drifted to a whole different planet, still can’t believe i did it!”


What can HypnoBirthing do for you?

  • Bring about a calm, comfortable, easier birth experience for you and your baby.
  • Shorten your length of labour.
  • Fill you with the knowledge and confidence to trust and work with your body.
  • Reduce the need for medical intervention.
  • Eliminates or  reduces the need for pain relief.
  • Gives your birth partner a purpose and fills them with the confidence to be a supportive role for you.
  • Enhances your bonding experience with your baby.
  • Supports a quick recovery period both physically and mentally. Helping you enjoy these first precious moments.
  • Calm, contended and happier babies.




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